My newest little shocker!

August 2, 2008 - Leave a Response

Every month on the first I pay my rent. This past Thursday (7/31) I call the office of my apartment complex to see how much I owe on my rent. The woman puts me on hold and when she comes back on she says “You owe $12.19.” Shocked, I ask, “Um, are you sure you checked under Cassandra Hobby?” She double checks and says the same amount. Well, to make a long story short, I was wrong in thinking I had longer in my current lease. When I asked how much longer I had at my current apartment the woman said that I had until August 7th! That would leave be at being homeless for three weeks. I wasn’t suppose to move into my new apartment until September 1st!

So frantically I call the landlord at my new apartment to ask if there was any way the apartment I was going to lease would be ready three weeks early. The one I was going to lease wouldn’t be but she just happened to have someone moving out of one just like it on Monday! So she’ll have it ready for me on the 6th. Not that I’m not happy it all worked out, but now I have a week to do what I thought I had a month to get done! Also, I only have 2 days to get everything moved in! Not to mention – I have to work those nights too. I have so much cleaning, packing, and moving to do and it has overwhelmed me so much that I’m not sure where to even start! I’m going to be one busy girl for the next week!

I’ll be sure to post some pictures of my new place once I get it all set up to my liking!


Hi Everyone!

July 23, 2008 - One Response

I’m not sure who all will be reading this, but I decided to start a “blog.” I’ve never really been into “blogging” but it makes me sad that its become so hard to keep in touch with everyone. So hopefully you all can at least know how I’m doing and what’s going on in my life! So here goes my first post!

Things have been really hectic for me lately! I’m working 3 night shifts a week monitoring at Georgia Florida Alarm Company and 1 weekend shift. In addition to my monitoring shifts I’m picking up 2-3 day shifts filing contracts, service reports, and such for the same company. Needless to say – I feel like I am always at work!

August 25 is my first day of classes at F.S.U. I can’t wait to get started. I’m sure I won’t be quite as excited half-way through the semester though! I’m really having to buckle down to ensure I’ll have the grades and all the classes I need to get into a dental school. If I stay on my schedule I have planned out – I should be finished at F.S.U. after summer 2010 classes, fall 2010 at the latest. Then hopefully I’ll have my choice of dental schools to go to!

September 1 I’m going to be able to start moving into my new apartment. I’ve very excited about this, but also stressing all the finances involved in doing so. All in all though, I can’t wait to have no more roommates! I am especially thrilled about being able to have my two dogs, Audrey and Rambo with me. It’ll be nice to have them to come home to after a hard day of classes and work – granted that they haven’t destroyed my apartment!

I’ll try to update regularly and keep everyone posted on how things are going for me!